We start the day with a visit to a local market or a morning walk to the fruit orchards of Ayvali Village. We will collect and taste fresh fruits from the trees (between June and October) or visit the caves where lemons and potatoes are stored. The tour continues with the walk through the narrow streets of the village. Each door opens for an invitation as the villagers invite you for a cup of tea or a plateful of dessert, fruit from their house. Depending on the season, we join the villagers to learn and help making grape syrup, tomato sauce and pumpkin seed collecting. We visit the local meeting point, Kahvehane, (coffeehouse) to learn more about the lifestyle and local games while drinking Turkish coffee and tea. We can then visit the mosque in the village and learn more about the religious customs.

For lunch, we are invited to Gamirasu Village House to join a Turkish family. We will gather the ingredients from the garden and participate in the cooking of a delicious Turkish meal. We are going to have the lunch by sitting together with the family in the traditional way. After lunch, we take a digestive walk in a beautiful hidden valley near the village. We can also drive to see a cave wine house to see the process of making delicious and famous Cappadocia wine.