Eat like a local in Cappadocia! Welcome to Gamirasu Village House where you will enjoy the authentic experience of eating home-cooking in a Turkish family home. Using organic ingredients, many grown in the garden, all locally-sourced, the traditional Cappadocian dishes simmer gently over the wood-fire.

Enjoy a typical Cappadocian breakfast feast! This sumptuous spread is made up of home-made local foods - all sorts of different home-made jams (apricot, strawberry, peach, cherry...), freshly-churned butterhoney, cream, grape syrup, natural yoghurtjuicy olives, cottage cheese, goat's cheese and curd, tasty tomato sauce made from tomatoes from the garden, farm eggs oven-baked with onion, tomato, peppers and cheese. Crusty flatbread will be prepared in front of you and tea and coffee brewed on the wood-fire will accompany this feast. This is a unique experience, not to be missed!